1 December 2018

Night-time basal test

by Cas Eliëns

Useful when validating the overnight basal settings on an insulin pump for type 1 diabetics.

Note: When you feel your BG is going too low or too high during the test, you must abort and try again another time. This test only works when you do not consume any carbs or take any insulin after starting.

Performing the test

  1. Have a simple dinner: bread or boiled potatoes with boiled vegetables and low-fat meat without sauce. (ensure dinner is low-fat and low-protein)
  2. Give regular bolus for dinner
  3. Measure BG two hours after dinner.
  4. Do NOT eat anything else for the rest of the evening
  5. Test BG at midnight
  6. Test BG at 03:00 AM
  7. Test BG after waking up
  8. The test is now complete
tags: diabetes